2017 AGM Minutes


Minutes from Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 26th of September 2017
The Clayton Hotel
Dublin, Ireland

1. Welcome

Meeting opened at 8:05am


Members present:


Kerryn Pennell – Treasurer

Craig Hodges – Secretary

Patrick McGorry – President

Tony Bates – IAYMH Executive

Paddy Power – IAYMH Executive

Max Birchwood  – IAYMH Executive

Gary Blau

Petter Viksveen

Ross Flanagan

Simon Rice

Sarah Hughes

Nicholas Fava

Paddy Power

Rikki Battersby

Lee Thomas

Michelle Blanchard

James Boyd

Madge O’Callaghan

Joshua Miller

Jason Trethowan

Adriana Giannettoni

Eóin Killackey

Rosemary Purcell

Eric Windeler

Sarah Mughal

Gillian O’Brien

Dorien Nieman

Chi Cheng

Joanna Henderson

Wilma Peters

Barbara Dooley

Helen Coughlan

Sarah Jane Fenton

John Cachia

Sophie Adams

Francia Ivonne Campos

Karen Conlon

Des O’Sullivan

Jenny Carver

Jai Shah

Jacob Halloran

Jan Olav Johannessen

Karen O’Connor

2. Minutes of 2015 AGM

Kerryn Pennell noted an error with the honorary title given to Tony Bates in the previous minutes.


Motion: To accept the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

Moved by Madge O’Callaghan

Seconded by Ross Flanagan

Motion carried unanimously.

3. Membership Update

Craig Hodges provided an update on the current membership of the association and noted that the IAYMH has 1,981 members from 65 countries. It was noted that membership applications are received almost daily, with an increase in interest before an IAYMH conference. Members largely reside in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Craig Hodges noted the need for increased representation from other countries.

4. Biennial Conference

Kerryn Pennell provided an update on the planning for the 2019 IAYMH Conference. A process for countries to express their interest in hosting the conference resulted in several bids. Members of the IAYMH Executive and the 2017 Youth Co-Convenors are in the process of assessing bids, with the intention to select a recommended host country before the end of 2017, followed by site visits and a feasibility assessment.


It was noted that the IAYMH conferences are self-funded through sponsorships, and that the 2017 conference expected to return a small surplus due to strong attendance and sponsor support, which will be applied to the operating costs of the IAYMH.


Kerryn Pennell noted that countries are selected due to a range of factors that include the strength of the location, local activity in the youth mental health field, leadership, potential venues, support and engagement with young people during the bid process, possible financial or in-kind support from host cities, ease of international access, and availability of accommodation. It was noted that Advantage PCO provided an opinion about the appropriateness of the location based on the ability to organize a conference in the city. Kerryn Pennell explained that Advantage PCO have worked with the IAYMH for the 2013, 2015 and 2017 conferences, and the IAYMH Executive have made the decision to continue working with Advantage PCO for the 2019 IAYMH Conference.

5. Financial Report

Kerryn Pennell noted that copies of the financial reports have been provided to all members, and discussed an increase in operating costs over 2015-16 due to work on the International Declaration and implementation guide, as well as updating the IAYMH website. Costs include travel associated with the 2017 conference, staffing, telecommunications, and operational and insurance subscriptions. Kerryn Pennell noted that the finances are currently reported in Australian Dollars.


Motion: To accept the financial reports for 2015-16

Moved by Eóin Killackey

Seconded by Joshua Miller

Motion carried unanimously.

6. 2017 Election Process for IAYMH Executive

Craig Hodges provided members with an update of the proposed changes to the IAYMH rules of association, and noted that the IAYMH Executives hoped to make the changes by the end of the year if approved. Craig Hodges noted that the proposed changes would include allowing members to vote online and to reduce quorum to a 1% attendance, due to previous low engagement in governance activities by members and difficulty achieving quorum as an international association. Members discussed changes to achieving quorum and potential changes to the tenure of the office bearers. Patrick McGorry noted that all members will still be invited to make decisions, but the number required to make the decisions will be reduced to enable effective decisions-making processes.


Quorum was not achieved. Craig Hodges noted that alternative decision-making processes will continue to be assessed and the members of the IAYMH will be updated.


Motion: That the proposed rules for the International Association for Youth Mental Health be adopted to replace the existing Model Rules

Moved by Joshua Miller

Seconded by Eóin Killackey

Motion was not carried as votes did not achieve quorum.


Motion: That once committee positions are declared vacant, current committee members are reappointed to fill the vacant positions until the new rules are ratified by Consumer Affairs Victoria and an election can be held

Moved by Helen Coughlan

Seconded by Rosemary Purcell

Motion was not carried as votes did not achieve quorum.


8. Meeting Closed

Patrick, Kerryn and Craig thanked members and closed the meeting.


Meeting closed at 8:58am.